Regiment zemské hotovosti

Regiment zemské hotovosti is a grouping of several re-enactment groups. Its aim is to re-create a regiment of foot soldiers operating in the first half of the 17th century as accurately as possible.
Our Regiment is composed of over 60 members. It contains soldiers (musketeers and pikemen), officers, drummers and flag bearers. We also feature a tross – civilian accompaniment of the army – which makes the impression of the period army complete.

Apart from fighting, we also work as period Thirty Years’ War military camp.

Where can we be seen?

As one of the biggest grouping of our kind in Czech Republic, we are attending various events throughout the whole Europe.

We take part in battle re-creations, as well as various city festivals like Valdštejnské slavnosti in Frýdlant, Cheb and Jičín (CZ), Slag om Grolle (NL) or Tatai Patara (HU). Our Regiment also works as one of the main co-organisers of historical festival in Stargard (PL).


Random photo:

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